Applications can be obtained from the office at 301 West Main on the lower level of the First Bank building or by printing an application here.

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian housing ministry financed mostly through private donations and volunteer labor. Our purpose is to build homes for families in need, and provide them at no profit; to families who could not otherwise afford them. If you are interested in applying for home ownership through our organization, please first read the following items to see if you have an interest in our ministry AND TO SEE IF YOU MEET OUR GENERAL GUIDELINES.

  • To qualify you must have a housing need. For example: no indoor plumbing, poor heating, leaks in the roof, overcrowding (three to a bedroom), unsafe or unsanitary conditions.
  • You must have lived or worked in our service area (Ardmore city limits) SIX MONTHS CONSECUTIVELY.
  • With your permission, we will verify employment and other income, verify checking and saving account balances, get a statement from your current and previous landlords, and ask you for credit references. We will also need the names of two people who know you and who we can contact.
  • With your application, you must provide copies of all recurring bills, i.e. rent, phone, car, electric, gas, water, credit cards, loans, etc., showing all of your monthly expenses.
  • With your application, you must provide copies of your income, SS, disability, etc., showing the amount of all money available each month.
  • With your application, you must provide copies of your last two years of income tax returns.
  • When requested, you will have to provide a credit and background check.
  • If you are approved for a Habitat home, we ask that you be willing to join the programs to learn and practice budgeting, home repair, and maintenance.
  • If approved for a home, we ask that you are willing to work 300 hours of sweat equity, 75% of those hours before construction can begin on your own home.
  • If you are approved for a Habitat home and if you meet the sweat-equity and nurturing requirements, then we will sell you a home at our cost or approx. 80% of the appraised value, whichever is less, with no interest. Home payments including taxes and insurance will cost approximately $550 to $800 a month. The principle portion of house payments will be used by Habitat to help in our administrative costs and build more houses with other people like you. This requires that you have a bank or savings account, and that these payments will be drafted on a mutually agreed upon day of each month.
  • At closing, you will have to pay your 1st year’s homeowner’s insurance, approximately $1,200.00-$1,700. You will have to demonstrate a savings plan that ensures you have this amount on hand at the time of closing.

Please note that your application must be filled out completely—every page included, signatures complete where requested. If married, both must sign all forms. FAILURE TO COMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL RESULT IN YOUR APPLICATION BEING DENIED. IF ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED CHANGES (TELEPHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS, PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT, INCOME, DEBT, ETC) YOU MUST ADVISE IMMEDIATELY. If we cannot reach you at the information provided, your application will be denied and you will have to re-apply. Please address any question or changes to (580) 223-1540.