A Brush with Kindness


A Brush with Kindness is a new program developed by Ardmore Habitat for Humanity targeted at helping financially and/or physically challenged individuals in need of painting, clean-up and/or minor exterior repairs to their home. The motivation for starting this program was to be able to impact more individuals in the Ardmore area. In this difficult economy, there are many people who already own their own homes but are unable to make the necessary repairs due to financial constraints or physical ailments. A Brush with Kindness gives Ardmore Habitat for Humanity a means for helping these families and for getting more volunteers involved in community projects.

Qualified applicants for this program must meet these guidelines:

  • Own the property

  • Reside in the Ardmore city limits

  • Not have the financial means to complete the work without assistance

  • Plan to stay at the address for at least three years following work

  • Assist with the repairs, painting or clean-up as physically able along with any other able-bodies living in the home

  • Be willing to affirm that their property is safe for our volunteers

  • Sign a release and waiver of liability

If you are a qualified homeowner in need of help with minor exterior repairs, Ardmore Habitat for Humanity would like to lend a hand. Applications are available here.  Submit your applications to the office. 

If you would like to volunteer to work on these projects,
sign up online and you will be notified when we schedule work days.